Should be two awards

AIER is giving its annual Intellectual Courage award to Ioannidis. Perfectly deserved. He’s the ONLY member of the demonic NAZI TORTURER Public “Health” cabal who told us FROM THE FUCKING START that the hoaxocaust was a complete violation and reversal of real public health.

Every rational person knew it. Lots of powerless peasants have been shouting about it. The demons also knew it. But only Ioannidis spoke the truth IN power.

Speaking truth TO power is a meaningless empty phrase because power doesn’t have ears. Speaking truth IN power is meaningful and unique.

An auxiliary award should go to Stanford, his employer. There have always been scholars who recognize evil and attempt to speak about it. Most of them are pre-suppressed by the church or university or corporation. The few who go ahead and publish despite the threats are fired and discredited, and sometimes jailed or suicided.

This is NOT new. This is the NORM in academia and journalism. Since 2015 we’ve been in one of the more violent and ferocious phases of suppression. Still not new. It’s cyclical.

Ioannidis said the most heretical thing in the modern world, he said it clearly and correctly and carefully, and STANFORD LET HIM SAY IT. He’s still employed, still writing.

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