Carver. Carver. Carver.

Listening to Nesbitt’s ‘Passing Parade’ episode on the development of the giant Palomar telescope. Hale was a rich heir who took up astronomy. He used up his father’s money on building bigger and bigger scopes, and then learned how to lobby other rich men and foundations and governments for more and more money to build bigger and bigger scopes.

In the end the biggest scopes haven’t shown us anything that wasn’t already visible to Galileo. The biggest scopes simply create new fake problems like Dark Matter and Dark Energy and Big Bangs and Multiverses, classic Parkinsonian problems that generate larger grants to create new problems. These problems are NOT SCIENCE by any definition. They are perpetually untestable speculation.

None of this bigness has solved any problems. We didn’t get a good view of the moon and Mars until we sent robotic rovers who can dig in the soil and analyze specimens. The rovers told us that the earliest astronomers were right. Mars has canals.

In biology we’ve been running the same stupid Parkinson circle. Fancier scanning microscopes “justify” more money for the next stage in ever-finer microscopes. None of this fineness has solved any problems. Brain scans are interesting, but they don’t tell us anything meaningful, so we “need” bigger and better scans to tell us even more meaningless shit.

We weren’t learning anything new in 60 years of ever-increasing microscope power.

In biology we VERY RECENTLY started learning new things because we started LOOKING IN PLACES WE HADN’T LOOKED BEFORE. After we took off our Grant Goggles, we found that most of the genome is programmable variables, not junk. We found bacteria living in super-hot volcanic vents, up in the clouds, and deep in dry rocks where “life couldn’t possibly exist”. VERY RECENTLY we found a lymph system feeding the brain, and an intelligent separate immune system in the marrow of the skull. These systems are visible to the naked eye, and clearly visible with the earliest and simplest microscopes.

Carver. Carver. Carver.





Every word counts. HOLD is the most important word of all. Get your hands and senses and muscles directly in contact with the material or behavior or action. If you can’t get there physically, send a machine to take hold.

Bigger lenses achieve nothing but bigger grants. Bigger lenses prevent us from TAKING HOLD OF THE THINGS THAT ARE HERE.

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