Locustation (reprint from 2015)

Ran into this 2015 item while looking for a different href. It’s a BIG thought, possibly correct, and I’d forgotten it entirely.

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Thinking again about ‘fight like a plant’, and mixing with my observations about the One Necessary War (ie WW2) and the need for hardass propaganda to force a nation to fight an Unnecessary War (ie all other wars).

Krauts and Japs were the constant aggressors in the first half of the 20th century. Both are highly refined cultures when not in War Mode. Both turn into an entirely different creature for War.

What does this remind me of? Locusts.

Locusts are not a separate species. Grasshoppers transform into locusts for War Mode. Locusts look different and act different, but they’re the same creature that formerly behaved in a more normal way. Look different + Act different = Gene switch.

Why are locusts able to destroy plants so effectively? Perhaps because their switched genes create a different output pattern of smells and sounds. Plants encounter normal grasshoppers all the time, so they already have adequate repel/kill defenses against them. Locusts appear as an entirely new threat, so plants don’t have time to prepare chemical weapons, or time to warn nearby plants of the threat. By the time those responses could happen, the whole field is dead.

Human locustation can sometimes be cured. WW1 didn’t cure the Krauts of locustation. It left the impulse in place, ready to be stirred up again. It’s not yet clear if WW2 cured the Krauts; they seem to be relapsing after a brief remission. WW2 unquestionably and permanently cured the Japs.

Now that US/UK/EU have become locustized against Russia, is there any chance of cure before we eat the world and guarantee our own destruction? Doubtful.

What does a cured locustation feel like? I can sense it in myself. From 1990 to 2007 I was locustized against Arabs. Ready to do anything within my power to end Arabs. After I started writing this blog and organizing thoughts, I came to see that the locustation hormone was coming from false sources. All of us were being locustized via false and distorted “facts”, solely to increase the budgets of the war machine and increase the share value of war’s financiers. We were not actually being attacked, so we didn’t need to be in War Mode.

My immune response, now aimed against the locustizers and against the susceptible parts of my own fucking idiot self, is just as harsh as the locustation itself.

Emerson: “As no man thoroughly understands a truth until he has first contended against it…”

Is this an epigenetic change? It would be worth looking.

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Now this reminds me of the dissonant rainbow-hued Kraut military equipment. Maybe Krauts are inverse locusts, normally drab and grayscale, but gaining bright colors in War Mode.

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