Is Greenwald a Republican?

He’s certainly acting like one. I’m not talking about the official talking points as of the current picosecond, I’m talking about the most long-lasting and consistent idiocy of the US Repooflican Party.

Their permanent goal is ZERO TAX, or more broadly GOVERNMENT MUST NEVER PAY FOR SERVICE.

I was especially struck by the meaningless coincidence in numbers between Greenwald’s current crusade and the Repoofs of 1948. In ’48 the Repoofs were trying to knock a few billion off Truman’s proposed $40 billion national budget. They didn’t oppose what he was doing, they just wanted him to do it WITHOUT PAYING.

Now the Repoofs are trying to knock a few billion off Biden’s $40 billion appropriation for war against Russia. They certainly don’t oppose our perpetual aggression against Russia, they just want to get it for you wholesale.

[Inflation makes the $40 billion a meaningless equality, but the wholesale discount is the same percent in both cases.]

This is a perpetual part of the aristocrat mindset. Aristocrats get everything for free. Aristocrats don’t understand the whole concept of PAY FOR VALUE, because their status does the paying.

When government can’t pay for value, government will steal and blackmail for value. Government will always get what it wants. I discussed this often, probably best here in 2011.

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Local radio yapper Rick Rydell takes one of Rush’s idiot points and runs with it way beyond idiocy.

Rush’s point is: “Government has nothing of its own to spend; it can only be a parasite.”

Rydell constantly hammers this point and takes it out into the stratosphere of pure destruction: “Government should never have anything of its own. It should never do anything that makes a profit. It should not keep any savings. It should not have a rainy-day fund or a reserve. Any time it piles up a surplus, it should immediately refund the surplus to the people that it sucked from.”

Rush’s original point is false, and Rydell’s extension is suicidal.


Through history most gov’ts have found ways to make a profit, and most gov’ts have kept a reserve.

Most commonly, gov’ts charge royalties or rents for extraction of natural resources.

Arab oil sheikdoms like Kuwait take this to the extreme, which isn’t healthy either: they not only have ZERO TAX, their citizens don’t even need to work!

Oklahoma, Texas and Alaska have low personal tax burdens because they collect royalties on oil extraction.

North Dakota has the most efficient gov’t in this country, with extremely low taxes, because it has run a State Bank since 1910, explicitly designed to preserve, invest, and make profits on the state’s revenue.

From the ’30s through the ’60s, many city gov’ts in America didn’t collect taxes because they made enough money from their city-owned electric plants. That is no longer possible because of two Fed evils: the marauding all-consuming enemy army EPA has so many rules on emissions that local plants can’t keep up, and the securitization of electric power in the 1990’s eliminated purely local operations.

Even now, the Feds still make a small income from the generation operations of Bonneville and Tennessee Valley, but that’s just about gone because of the vast burdens imposed by hippieshit wind “power” requirements.

The Feds USED TO make good income from logging on the vast national forests, until they choked off their own source by the monstrous anti-science anti-Darwin anti-human anti-animal genocidal “Endangered” “Species” Act. And the effects of logging and low-cost hydro power USED TO spill over into local communities, because logging and industries paid local wages and local taxes. Not any more.

So Rush and Rydell are really celebrating and advocating the post-1989 Federal mafiocracy. They are celebrating and advocating a government that lives off Chinese credit and provides nothing but raw hell for its unfortunate citizens. At the same time, they are condemning the principles that produce a low-tax high-efficiency government.

Rush and Rydell hate America and everything America USED TO stand for.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

In 2011 I didn’t realize how raw and murderous and torturous the hell would become. Never paranoid enough. I keep trying, but the demons multiply their hells by 10 every time I multiply my paranoia by 2.

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