More mechanical Tur(k)ing

Sometimes I wonder if is at least part human, like the similar machine expertly exposed by Eric Holloway..

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Whats A Capper Food?

A capper food is a type of food that is used to cover the end of a spoon or fork to help prevent food from spilling.

What Is A Caper Taste Like?

The caper taste is a little sour, a little sweet, and a little salty. It is a type of pepper.

Are Capers Fish Eggs?

Some people might think that capers are fish eggs because they look a bit like they. However, capers are not fish eggs. Capers are a type of seafood that is related to shrimp. They are a type of bivalve mollusk.

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Looking up ‘capper food’ on Google, it’s clear that capper is a common misspelling of caper. Some texts even mix the two:

Capers and caperberries are unique to the realm of food; the tiny green flower buds are … Cappers add a firm, snappy bite to any recipe, …

So capers are actually buds. They are sometimes  described as peppers but not clams. (I thought they were little peppers.)

But there’s no Google source at all for the idea that a capper food is designed to keep liquids inside the spoon. This is an ORIGINAL IDEA, and it makes sense.

What’s more, the idea is derived from human experience, not from text processing.  I’ve used the trick a few times (in cooking, not eating), but never thought of giving it a name. Muscle memory is outside the realm of a text processor.

Is this a real advance in AI, or evidence of humans behind the curtain?

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