NFTs are missing the best ‘use case’

Looking at the latest idiotic NFT failure. Idiot bought one of those awful pipe-smoking monkeys for $513k, probably not in real money but in jumped-up internal funny money. Later he tried to sell it. The record shows that he first refused an offer somewhat below what he paid. Greedy.  The would-be buyers punished him for greed by gradually dropping the offers down to an unmeasurable fraction of a dollar. He finally sold it for near zero, perhaps accidentally.

Looking at the pattern, it strikes me that NFT vendors are missing the other half of the number line. NFTs are useless for normal purposes, but NFTs would be perfectly suited for esthetic extortion.  Negative price for negative art.

Start bombarding the victim with increasingly horrible monkeys while monitoring his messages on Discord or Twitter. After his messages indicate sufficient outrage and disgust, demand $5000 to REMOVE the horrible monkeys from all of his web feeds.

[Apologies to the ghost of Handel for posting this extreme anti-beauty next to his extreme beauty.]

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