Good old seven-second rule

A couple days ago we had an unexpected power outage. There was no weather at the time. Calm, cool, drizzly. The outage affected a fairly large section of town and lasted only two hours. Never learned what caused it. Perhaps a car crashing into a pole?  Fried squirrel?

During the outage I got out my battery-powered radio just to see if there was something bigger going on, like a planned blackout. I tuned in a “local” station at the top of the hour, and did the tachistoscope routine with the switch to avoid extended exposure to media toxin. Mostly commercials and gossip. During the seven-second intervals, I only heard one “news”-like item.

The “news” from ABC:

Inflation is caused by Russia invading Ukraine.

This is crazy in exactly the same way as the AI explanation of tears:

Lacrimal glands are in the lower jaw and produce tears. They secrete a mixture of water and Tears of Sneeze. When the eye feels a tear, the lacrimal glands release a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone makes the eyes water and Tears of Sneeze.

= = = = =

Footnote: A power outage is one of those extremely rare moments when a cellphone might come in handy. But two moments per year isn’t nearly enough advantage to balance out the constant tracking and hacking and expense.

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