Nothing advances

The wonderful 1845 satire on psychopaths and other types included this crucial line:

All was bustle, uproar, and confusion; yet nothing seemed to advance.

This is the worst consequence of allowing psychopaths to rule. They can’t physically torture and kill everyone, and the less extreme demons don’t go very far into mass murder. All psychopaths create CHAOS, which is the opposite of LIFE. Nothing can advance because nobody can LEARN by EXPERIMENT. A valid experiment requires holding most conditions CONSTANT while you watch or change one VARIABLE. When the whole world is DISRUPTIVELY INNOVATING at an ever-increasing pace, you have no chance of learning.

Nothing seemed to advance reminded me of a 2016 discussion on this point.


Infrastructure is meant to be STATIC. Roads and bridges and sewer systems and rules of morality and rules of discussion and written laws and computer operating systems are all supposed to HOLD STILL so you can USE THEM to get things done. Navigating a fast-changing set of social or moral rules is like driving on Galloping Gertie. There may be a line down the middle where you can slowly crawl across to your destination, but the risk is so obvious that a sane human just doesn’t bother. Your best bet for survival is to stay where you are. Shelter in place until the shaking reaches you and kills you.

I began with a 1978 realization that a classroom conducted with old-fashioned decorum was MORE OPEN to discussion of new ideas. Classrooms conducted by Alinskyan ‘anything goes’ behavior were dominated by bullies and tyrants who enforced orthodox doctrine.

Constants allow variables, variables force constants.

I considered the same point in the realm of culture and religion here.

= = = = =

The technical version of the principle:

When building an EXE for use in Windows, you can count on a consistent set of API rules. The native Win functions are well defined, and the workings of C++ are well defined. Provided you understand both of these rule sets and use them correctly, you can predict what will happen when you write something like


When you put all those pieces together into a self-contained EXE, you know it will run on the Win versions that were specified in the rules. If there are problems, you can be 99% sure the problems are your own fault, even though you’ll always waste time by blaming Windows first.

In the new world of HTML5 and CSS and SVG and JS, none of those certainties exist. All of those standards are only partly standardized and constantly changing, and you can’t count on a package running on all common platforms. If it runs today, a version change by Firefox or Chrome may blow it up tomorrow.

In other words, ‘platform-independent’ really means ‘excruciatingly platform-dependent.’

The platform-makers obviously love this, because they have finally reclaimed the power they lost when Windows owned the universe.

Comes down to this pair:

When the rules are stable, ordinary people can function.

When the rules are changing all the time, only the rulemakers can function.

= = = = =

I was looking again at my courseware product in its old EXE form and in its new JS form. The old form was packed with ORIGINAL graphics and ORIGINAL ways of presenting material and asking questions. The new form looks just like any other Imperial web page, with rounded buttons telling User to SUBMIT. Why? Because I was required to use the ‘Twitter Bootstrap’ pre-written code as the base of the presentation. And why did I have to use ‘Twitter Bootstrap’? Because it’s AUTHORITATIVELY VARIABLE. It’s not contained in my code. It’s strictly owned and controlled by the MASTERS OF VARIATION.

POINT: You can’t have your own tools.

You must borrow the tools provided by the Master, because only the Master knows which tools will work at this millisecond on the systems run by the Master. When the Empire DDOS’s Twitter to prevent Assange from insulting the Empress, everything that actively uses Twitter resources, even indirectly or unintentionally, also goes down.

= = = = =

The political side, from late 2021:

For many years I held the (fairly common) belief that Deepstate creates chaos and riots in order to “justify” an Authoritarian Strongman. This sequence of events happens often, so the assumed cause is plausible.

2020 persuaded me otherwise. Deepstate DOESN’T WANT a strongman. When a potential strongman appears, Deepstate undermines or assassinates him.

Chaos IS the purpose and the end goal. That’s all.

Psychopaths love chaos. They are attracted toward situations full of chaos and riot and war and pain, and above all they need to manufacture endless chaos and pain.

And I mean chaos in both senses, cultural and mathematical. When psychopaths are in charge, there is no RHYTHM or PATTERN to life. Every time you think you’re in a pattern, the demon breaks it.

The old hypothesis arises from a true observation. A strong non-chaotic leader who wants to serve the country and the people must punish and remove the creators of chaos in order to serve the people. FDR did it, Putin did it. When a human leader restores order, he is popular.


A popular leader who restores order is the worst of all possible worlds for psychopaths, not a utopian goal. Chaos itself is the sole purpose and goal of psychopaths.

Trump proved it, or more precisely the Trump character proved it. Trump was intended to play the Strongman, and media advertised the role heavily. Courtiers obediently feared the Authoritarian Hitler. He didn’t clean the swamp, didn’t change anything, didn’t restore industry and culture.

In 2020 when Deepstate mounted the most audacious chaos in all of human history, Trump didn’t fire anyone, didn’t blackmail anyone into silence, didn’t stand in the way. He did nothing to maintain civilization. Mecher’s gang was able to break the world with no opposition.

= = = = = END REPRINTS.

Now the masters of chaos have broadened the ban on ownership from software to everything.

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