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They’re really mainstreaming prison culture now. Everyone has to pick a gang, time outside is a privilege granted by the warden, hard drugs are available but cigs are rare, and the guards stand around and do absolutely nothing while the prisoners get violent.

Mostly wrong. An excellent author like Kirn should avoid speaking without experience.

2020 is WORSE than prison.

Taking the points individually:

Pick a gang: Not a variable.

This is pretty much how life works everywhere all the time. In a civilized culture you can avoid picking, but our civilization dissolved a long time ago. Not peculiar to 2020.

Time outside is a privilege: Diametrically wrong.

In prison exercise and food and medical care are solidly guaranteed.  Prisons CANNOT deprive inmates of food or exercise or medical care for disobeying rules, and the administrators take this rule seriously. They won’t even let you starve yourself (hunger strike). I tried it in 1969 and failed.

In 2020 there is NO guarantee of exercise or medical care or food for non-prisoners. The Public “Health” Wardens give you a stark choice. Strangle or starve.

Drugs vs cigs: Partly true.

Again the outside situation is generally worse than the inside, at least in timeline form. Outside of prisons, public smoking was banned in 1990. Smoking in prisons and jails wasn’t banned until around 2010. When I was in, tobacco was encouraged for a very good reason. Tobacco keeps you sane and helps you tolerate bad conditions.

Guards stand around: False.

In real prisons the guards permit rapes and slight violence, but halt riots decisively. In 2020 riots are ORGANIZED AND LED by the Public “Health” Wardens and Mayors.

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