More Mutual meanderings.

More thoughts about mutuality and news…

Last night the Spokane News FB page scored a scoop. The sheriff candidates agreed to hold their first televised debate through Spokane News, not through the mainstream “news” demons or Youtube. The candidates fielded live comments and questions from the page.

Most cities have a FB page like this. If these FB pages formed a Mutual System, they could trade news and human interest features among cities, doing an endrun around the Deepstate-controlled networks. Each page would decide when a feature has broad entertainment value or non-local news importance, and place it in the pool.

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The original Mutual was strongly aimed at working class listeners, while NBC especially catered to the NYC elites. Frank Edwards was sponsored by AFL, and emphasized the bottom-up mutuality of the labor union. Every broadcast started with “Ten million sponsors bring you Frank Edwards and the News!”

Batya has been trying to hit this subject, but so far I don’t see anything changing, and Batya has been silent for a while. Did she really mean it? The Substackers she recommended have fallen back into writing for and by and about the elite, trying to portray cancelled rich people as victims. For instance, it’s damn hard to work up any sympathy for millionaires who continue paying private schools for Woke education. Millionaires can easily homeschool or pay tutors. Rich people can leave. Poor people are stuck.

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