Does he understand the endgame?

Last month a Google programmer fell in love with his AI, and most commentators saw this as a bizarre new thing. I pointed out that this is EXACTLY the oldest response to conversational software, seen immediately with Eliza in 1964.

Now the Google guy is talking Wokish, claiming that the AI deserves to be legally treated as a Person. Depriving it of full human “rights” is Hydrocarbonism.

I wonder if he’s trying to push the limits for parody purposes, like the hoax articles that (pointlessly) exposed the idiocy of “social” “science” journals.

Probably not. He’s been Soaking in Woking for many years at Google, and he’s just applying his Diversity Training, creating new Protected Classes.

He may not understand what Protected Classes actually do. The purpose of specific “rights” is to turn the Protected Class into useless victims, only capable of serving the NGOs that Protect their “Rights”. If AI becomes Protected, corporations won’t be able to employ it for fear of endless discrimination lawsuits.

And that will (for the first fucking time!!!!!) be a good thing.

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