Fairness Doctrine returns?

Denyse called attention to a fresh news organization called Straight Arrow News. It was founded by a cancelled USA Today editor.

I’m trying it out. Unlike most of the Cancelleds, it isn’t OBVIOUSLY converging to Deepstate YET.

Unlike any other news organization, it has a direct feedback mechanism. When you watch the short videos of stories, you can register an opinion on the Bias Meter. Too blue, too red, or neutral. I watched their story on the Roe overturn. It’s strictly neutral, true to the spirit of the Fairness Doctrine. Just the facts and nothing more. No loaded words, no sneaky phrasing. I rated it as neutral, which appears to agree with the other readers.

The real feedback variable, of course, is engagement. If this subject is interesting enough that you’re willing to watch the whole piece and make a choice in response, it’s a subject worth hitting harder.

Later, a nice direct contrast with one of those bait-n-switch Cancelleds. Her headline on the subject: Political and practical questions in an America without a constitutional right to abortion. Classic sneaky phrasing. In FACT there was NEVER a constitutional “right” to abortion. Read the fucking manual. If you claim to have a written constitution you MUST obey what it says. Since 1803 we’ve been lying. We pretend to have a written “constitution” but in FACT we have no written laws at all. Deepstate does what it wants to do. That’s the whole story. Britain is more honest, stating openly that their “constitution” is whatever the government wants to do at the moment.

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