The California restaurant that claimed to accept monkey-style bitcoin for payment has stopped accepting monkey-style bitcoin. It still accepts nasty old fiat money.

I suspect they only took one actual “payment” in monkey money, for the promotion, before they switched from monkey money to money money.

Apparently the monkeyburgers weren’t actual monkey meat but nasty old fiat beef. In that case they should have accepted payment in mooey money, not monkey money.

If I patronized a pipe-smoking monkey restaurant I’d demand Vietnamese-style live monkeys with their skulls open like egg cups, and they would have to be smoking actual pipes. Since I used to enjoy Balkan Sobranie, I’d specify a Sobranie-smoking live monkey brain.

Only the best for the super-rich bitcoiner!

What? You say bitcoiners got super-poor instead of super-rich? NO! Impossible! 100,000 Youtube cult leaders can’t be wrong!

= = = = =

Random footnote: Now that bitcoin is over, a certain Italian company must be regretting its failure to get into the craze. It could have issued Fiatcoins. Bridging the gap, equally attractive to FUD non-coiners and HODL coiners. Denominations of 124, 128, 500, 600, 850, 1100, 1400, 1500, and top-of-the-line Topolino.

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