Instant sale

For ten years I’d been walking and watching one vacant apartment building in the neighborhood. The renovation process was LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG at the start and fast at the finish. Five years of occasional activity, followed by five months of real work.

They rented the apts on 11/25/21. Then they immediately started building two new houses across the street. The start was superfast: both houses dried in after just one month. Since January they’ve been working steadily on the interiors, and now they’ve finished. A good example of 80/20. The supposedly hard part was done fast, the supposedly easy part took a lot longer.

Yesterday they were digging up the street and yard to connect the sewers.

Today both houses are occupied! Cars in the driveway, curtains in the windows, packing boxes in the garage.

The apts were never listed on Zillow, just a For Rent sign in the yard. The houses weren’t listed either, and Zillow hasn’t updated its map to include them. Maybe they were commissioned in advance, not built on spec?

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