Interurbans lasted longer

Spending the afternoon in another Enid history FB page. One of the aerial photos seems to show the Big Horn that I wrote about a few years ago.

Most of the pics are purely local and personal interest. This one is interesting in a broader historical sense.

It shows a two-car train at the Frisco station. Interesting arrangement, a compromise between full-fledged train and interurban tram. The first car is 1/3 locomotive and 2/3 baggage. The second car is for passengers. All clean and shiny. The baggage section is carrying farm products, milk cans and sacks of grain.

One commenter mentioned that she took this train regularly to Lucien. (I’m guessing the terminus might have been Perry?) The route is among the Frisco interurbans mentioned in this 1915 description of Enid transportation.

She called it the Doodlebug, which was a common term for a yard locomotive. Judging by the Chevy next to the station, the date appears to be late ’30s, well past the golden age of interurbans.

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