Perfect contrast

Let’s compare the modern military situation with 1941. Now, after 40 years of unbroken mass destruction of America by its own government and corporations, its young men have no physical skills and no emotional reason to help or serve the country.

Reprinting a 2019 piece that came from an unusual angle…

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Another symbolic dream. This one isn’t mysterious.

In the dream:

I was looking at two T-shirts.

One of them was somehow built so that it turned into blocky modernist shapes. A Bauhaus T-shirt. I was coldly and objectively analyzing how it was built, trying to see how the seams motivated the cloth into such bizarre and painful shapes.

The other T-shirt had a normal shape, but it was printed with insinuating slogans, the repetitive shit you find in any combox or in any “media” account of “terrorism”. Instead of analyzing why it was printed this way, I responded to the slogans emotionally, exactly as the printers intended. I felt ashamed and alienated.

First thought, not new:

Chaotic art and architecture serve the same purpose as “media”. Both drive people crazy and CHANNEL people into radical expressions.

Second thought, new:

I should respond to both of these chaotizers coldly and objectively. Both are designed to ruin civilization.

After waking, another pair of thoughts:

First thought, not new:

We fought WW2 fiercely and loyally because we TRUSTED the government. Why did we TRUST the government? Because FDR’s administration had been trying to tell us the plain and simple truth. Radio, under hardass FCC scrutiny, was forced to follow suit. Radio represented war accurately, and represented human nature accurately. No nonsense about “spreading democracy to the benighted natives”, no nonsense about “meritocracy”. Newspapers continued their natural habit of fomenting genocide and creating crime, but radio was the dominant media.

Second thought, new:

And what did the New Deal build? We instantly associate the ’30s with brutal modernist Bauhaus shit, but the brutality was NOT coming from the New Deal. Art Deco and other “form fakes function” architecture was built by rich fuckheads and big corporations.

WPA and CCC were building five types of structures.

(1) Dams and roads and windbreaks, serving REAL functions with no particular style.

(2) Parks and recreation facilities, using natural materials in natural or vernacular styles.

(3) Public housing, which was vernacular, not modernist.

(4) Public buildings like schools and post offices, which were a mix of vernacular and classical.

(5) Most important of all: A structure of USEFUL citizens. Millions of Americans had been discarded as useless by the brutalist corporations. FDR provided USEFUL and PRODUCTIVE work to rebuild SOCIETY.

Putting it simply: From 1933 to 1945 the government and its subordinates were creating ORDER and BEAUTY and VALUE in all possible ways. From 1933 to 1945 the only chaotizers were corporations and rich fuckheads.

In 1946 Deepstate recaptured the government. Since 1946 the government AND the corporations are run by the same demons with the same purpose of obliterating civilization.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

In the 2019 piece I was too hard on corporations. Outside NYC, many corporations were trying in their own way to maintain jobs and skills and beauty. They didn’t resume the purely abstract Bauhaus chaos until 1980 when profit was replaced by Share Value.

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