What am I comparing with?

Lately I’ve been fussing about low quality and low quantity of online stuff. Substack is low quality and low quantity. Straight Arrow News is good quality but low quantity.

What’s the baseline? What am I comparing them with? I’ve said that old newspapers and broadcasts had a much better mix of topics, a “substantial and well-seasoned stew.”

But those old products are not available at all. The examples I’m using as baseline are rare, and may be the cream of the crop.

After some pondering, the baseline is active vs passive. I have more fun writing than reading. I have more fun making graphics than viewing graphics. The most fun of all is putting together a tech history piece like this or this or this.

Those pieces give me a chance to look up original patents and discussions in various languages, get to know the inventors and their culture, “build” and animate the device, and vicariously live in the situation.

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