Who’s royal?

I gave up on Boris when he joined the Ballgag Brigade. Previously I was something of an Anglophile, keeping close track of British stuff. Here’s an event that caught my attention again.

Apparently Boris is expected to resign today, or at least make a dramatic statement. Two of his top ministers publicly mocked him in Parliament and then resigned.

StraightArrow News is showing a live shot of the 10 Downing door. As I watched, Larry the cat strolled up to the door and waited to be let in.

Reporters shouted “Are you going to resign, Larry?” He did not deign to respond. Three times a servant opened the door to let him in, but he was Not Amused. He was waiting for a chance to cause chaos and trouble. Cats are the original psychopaths. Sure enough, the door opened a fourth time to let a tall distinguished cabinet dude out. Larry darted between his legs and entered the house.

The whole scene is remarkably cheerful, remarkably up close and personal. Reporters run along with cabinet dudes and ask them questions. Reporters are drinking beer, and NOBODY IS MUZZLED.

None of this could ever happen in DC. For many decades our government’s demons and actions have been completely hidden and isolated. When demons appear in public, they are surrounded by a thousand layers of Potemkin fakery and a million layers of welded-shut security. Public appearances are virtual. Even our official cats and dogs are virtual. No Presidential cat would be allowed to wander the streets by himself! He might be attacked by an Iranian terrorist, a Thai terrorist, an Ethiopian terrorist, or worst of all a SHORT-HAIRED DOMESTIC TERRORIST!

= = = = =

In fairness, Boris departed from the ballgag brigade long before our demons, and made it clear that England WILL NOT go back. Our government made it clear that we WILL go back, and the return has already started.

= = = = =

Update 4AM: Boris resigns after trying to muster his forces overnight.   Another thing that couldn’t happen here, in a more basic structural way.  The purpose of 1776 was to get rid of the feedback loops and adaptability of a Parliament system.  Our presidents are unremovable because “impeachment” doesn’t change the party. Congress knows this but always fools the idiots and sucks in campaign money with fake “impeachment” pranks.

= = = = =

Here’s how a US presidential pet goes for a walk. He is safely contained in EQUIPMENT FKU-666, VEHICLE, BULLETPROOF, VIRUSPROOF, TERRORISTPROOF, HERESYPROOF, LUCITE, RADIO-CONTROLLED. Familiarly known as the Poopmobile. And of course he is guarded by a team of Gender-Neutral Serviceindividuals.

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