Useful Gedankenexperiment

Yesterday I proposed a sort of thought-experiment or useful metaphor:

Constants and variables: When non-political gangsters are shot, our media and historians never play the crazed gunman game. We correctly assume that a rival non-political gangster hired the hitman. But when political gangsters are shot, we go directly to the random wacko myth and NEVER consider the historical constant.

The same transfer works for financial gangsters vs non-financial gangsters.

Latest from the world of financial gangsters:

Jason Stone, founder of the KeyFi company who formerly managed assets for Celsius, filed a complaint against Celsius Network in a New York court, alleging the company was operating as a Ponzi scheme and owes them “a significant sum of money”.

Transfer to non-financial gangsters:

Lefty Cipollini, who formerly managed an illegal casino for Al Capone, filed a complaint against Capone in a New York court, alleging that the Capone mob was operating an illegal casino and owes him a significant amount of money.

We would instantly recognize the fakery. Lefty was working for Capone. He knew it was  illegal because he was managing the casino.


Most of these lawsuits are absurd even within the conventional terms of finance. An investor who pours $10 million into an obvious fraud like bitcoin has no grounds for complaint. Investors are supposed to calculate risks. Investors are supposed to take losses as part of the game when they miscalculate.

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