The latest phone-home

For several years I’ve been trying to disconnect from the ever-increasing Github auto-updates and phone-home “features”. In some cases I simply rolled back to the last unconnected version of a program, in other cases I’ve been able to write my own Python or EXE to serve the same purpose.

The latest to fall is Gomplayer. Their recent versions have been phoning home frequently to display a popup ad, forcing you to click on it if you want to see your video. As everyone knows, more clicks means more security!!!! Gom also stores a log file of these popups in the ROOT of C: drive, which breaks the unwritten rules of cybersecurity.

This week’s update has an audio “feature” that cranks up the volume after 30 minutes, which wakes me up. Last straw. Found a good clean 2016 version on backup media and installed it. No phonehome, no popups.

Github crap became obvious around 2015, along with a lot of other crap in the world. Near the end of 2015 I had a feeling that a “purge” was starting, which may have been valid.

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