Non-barking cult

Basic fact: When a political party has a BIG PERSONALITY, the party develops a personality cult. In recent decades the Repooflicans had two big personalities, Reagan and Trump. Both became the PERSONAL center of the party. In recent decades D hasn’t matched those two. Bill Clinton is the same size, but he didn’t have a long Hollywood career before politics, so his BIGness doesn’t have the same resonance as Reagan and Trump. Obama is an interesting and pleasant character, unlike 99% of all politicians, but he’s not BIG at all. In fact his HUMAN-ness is what makes him interesting by comparison.**

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The spam emails I get from both parties reflect the tight focus on the BIG PERSONALITY. Both parties are solely talking about Trump, in predictable ways. The R emails are all hagiography for Trump’s glorious family and glorious Holy Radiance. They want me to wish Happy Birthday to every one of his wives and husbands and mistresses and misters.

One of his wives or mistresses died last week.

I’m not seeing any reflection of this event in the normally intimate Repooflican emails. They don’t want me to send condolence cards to the Holy Donald. Was this mistress disloyal? Did she fail to pray at the altar of the Holy Donald?

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** I wonder why the D operatives didn’t try to portray Obama as a solidly HUMAN ‘friend of the family’ instead of a god-like emperor? It would have worked well for me, since there’s a good chance that his family and my family were ACTUALLY acquainted at one point!

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