Carrying AI in wheelbarrows

What’s going on here? This Thaler dude claims to have an AI system that creates inventions. Since 2019 he’s been filing lawsuits EVERYWHERE, from Germany to England to EU to South Africa to Australia to US.

Thaler wants to be the owner of the patent himself, but wants the AI to be listed as the inventor. In corporate situations, owners and inventors are often separate; employment contracts generally stipulate that your inventions belong to the company that is paying you to invent stuff.  A computer is not a paid employee, it’s just a pencil. No court has ever ruled that a pencil should get the credit for a patent, or a typewriter for a book.

I don’t see any value in separating the pencil from the draftsman.

Online articles list the court cases and the one partial victory in South Africa, but so far I haven’t found an account of Thaler’s motives. The invention itself is trivial, something like a cup with a logo.

Inventors NEVER file lawsuits to GIVE AWAY credit for their own inventions. And a lone inventor with a litigious habit wouldn’t have enough money to manage a dozen lawsuits all over the world in an effort to GIVE AWAY part of his control.

A much larger corporation or government must be paying for these suits, and the ultimate purpose must be hidden in plain sight.

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Old joke again:

One day a security guard stopped a worker who was walking out of the factory pushing a wheelbarrow with a suspicious looking package in it. The guard opened the package and found it contained nothing but some old bits of rubbish, sawdust and floor-sweepings.

The next day he stopped the same worker who was again pushing a wheelbarrow containing a suspicious looking package. Once more it contained nothing of any value.

The same thing happened several days in a row, until the guard finally said, ‘OK, I give up. I know you are up to something, but I just can’t tell what. Please, I promise not to arrest you, but put me out of my misery; tell me what you are stealing.’


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8/13 update: The Federal court has turned down the lawsuit. Looked at more sources including Thaler’s own website, and still can’t find who’s paying for this.

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