Old problem, old solution

Denyse offers zero sympathy for the “problems” of Twitter:

As we just saw, state attorneys general are suing Twitter for engaging in censorship. Meanwhile, Twitter is suing the government of India because it demands more censorship than Twitter is prepared to provide. In fact, governments worldwide had pressured Twitter to censor more, according to its 2020 transparency report.

It may be a underlying structural weakness for global businesses that they can’t address every cultural demand everywhere and are thus bound to be in hot water in different places for opposite reasons.

This is an old problem with an old solution. Imperial psychopaths want both COMMERCIAL and CULTURAL dominance. They soon find out that CULTURAL dominance is impossible.

Empires that focus on CULTURAL dominance are constantly fighting unnecessary battles and losing their own COMMERCE.

Empires that stick with COMMERCIAL dominance succeed and survive for a long time.

Rome was purely commercial, letting governors like Herod take care of their own culture in their own ways. Britain did the same thing.

Japan and Germany insisted on CULTURAL dominance and failed FAST.

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When those states which have been acquired are accustomed to live at liberty under their own laws, there are three ways of holding them . The first is to ruin them; the second is to go and live there in person; the third is to allow them to live under their own laws, taking tribute of them, and creating there within the country a state composed of a few who will keep it friendly to you. Because this state, being created by the prince, knows that it cannot exist without his friendship and protection, and will do all it can to keep them, and a city used to liberty can be more easily held by means of its citizens than in any other way, if you wish to preserve it.

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Before 1946 the US was a purely COMMERCIAL empire. Ford and RCA and Bell had branches in many countries, including Russia. We employed local workers and conformed to their tariff and ‘local content’ requirements. We didn’t care what the workers thought or said, as long as they brought PROFIT to Ford and RCA and Bell. We also didn’t care about the different censorship requirements in those countries, as long as they allowed their people to work in our factories.

Post-1946 US Deepstate, with its tentacles like Google and Twitter, insists on extreme total CULTURAL dominance, and it’s failing fast. China, seeking only COMMERCIAL dominance, has already taken over the world’s commerce (including USA!)

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