Mao in action

From Canada:

It’s official. Trudeau’s meeting with provincial agriculture ministers wrapped up yesterday. He is moving forward with a 30% fertilizer reduction. Farms will fail, land will he purchased by billionaires/the government, and people will starve. Farmers are rising up today.

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This is pure explicit genocide, pure Mao, pure Pol Pot. No more war of attrition by pileups of regulations and litigations. Straightforward premeditated mass murder.

Big question: Why did the provincial ministers go along with it? Previously they had more autonomy than the states in US.  I suppose they’re all WEFoid demons now.

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Later after reading other sources: The order is a 10-year goal, not an immediate cut. So it belongs in the war of attrition category, not the Blitzkrieg carpet bombing category.

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