Right for the wrong reasons

Governments are telling us recession is a good thing. Everyone, left and right, is bemoaning and mocking this “hypocrisy”.

Truth: Recession is a good thing.

The governments are speaking the truth for a multitude of false and evil reasons, but that doesn’t make it false.

In culture and technology and economics and individual life, drunken binges don’t lead to creativity and improvement. Creativity happens when you sober up and face reality.

The experiment of 1920s vs 1930s gives us the clearest picture.


1920s: Share value pursued share value. Debt grew exponentially. Money flowed freely, so there was no reason to CREATE VALUE FOR PAY.

1930s: Share value disappeared. FDR prevented it from restarting. Companies had to seek PROFIT instead of share value. They had to produce real value at an affordable price.


1920s: Novelists and writers were literally drunk off their asses. They wrote about being drunk and wild and profligate. Gatsby.

1930s: Novelists turned to empathy and serious problem-solving. Grapes of Wrath.


Cars of the 20s were identical from brand to brand and from year to year. Nothing changed at all.

Cars of the 30s introduced dozens of important and permanent improvements, and showed vast variation in size and power and styling.

= = = = =

What did we get from the Share Value explosion of the last 20 years? Identical cars. Cellphones that spy on us and cut off our credit when we dissent. Bitcoin. Lockdowns. Muzzles.

What did we get from the Hundred Flowers of blogging? I’ll admit it was a lot of fun, and a lot of good ideas have been floating around on the froth, but no important ideas percolated into the culture.

When corporations and governments can steal all the money they want by conforming to psychopathic lunacy, there’s no motivation to adopt sense and sanity.

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