Thanks, Ike.

Duane Jones, writing in 1954 and aiming at businessmen, constantly emphasized that women were THE CUSTOMERS for nearly all products.

All these things helped to usher in a new freedom for women, both economically and socially. And two world wars, coupled with the Korea and Indo-China conflicts, have since advanced it almost to the ultimate.

Note that he saw Korea and Indochina as parallel wars, even though we hadn’t yet started fighting in Indochina. Jones simply assumed that Indochina would continue the permanent war.

The one surviving Frank Edwards newscast from June 1954 makes it clear that Deepstate, led by Dulles, was cocked and locked for Vietnam, and just about ready to pull the trigger. Edwards openly hoped that Ike would halt this movement toward war, just as Ike had REVERSED the war in Korea.

And we know now that Ike did halt the movement. JFK’s purpose is less certain.  He was sending in “advisors” and “contractors” steadily.  But it’s certain that all-out war didn’t start until LBJ shot JFK.

Since then, the commercial leverage of women has declined because marriage has declined. The percentage of women who decide the purchases for a household is much smaller now.

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