How to succeed in business

After screwing up Facebook’s main usable features, spending billions on the never-successful VR, and then screwing up Instagram’s main usable features, Zuck has discovered the MAGIC KEY to success!!!

Can you guess success?

Yes, you guessed success! Success is spelled

And not just any old NFT. No sir, no dull drab pipe-smoking monkeys. Only the best for Facebook’s valued products customers. Zuck is introducing his NFT store with the best and most valuable NFT of all time: ZUCK! It’s an image of a baseball card depicting LORD ZUCK HIS HOLY SELF at the age of 9, when he was champion batter of his Little League team.

Everyone sing now!

What the world needs now is Zuck, sweet Zuck;
That’s the only thing that we’ve just too Little League of….

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