A great image from Kirn:

Every day little dams are being placed in the rushing current of the English language. The builders think they will hold. They believe new technologies will help their project succeed.

Shakespeare laughs.

More to the point, pimps and hoes laugh. New language comes from the peasants, not from the writers. And the new language is being CARRIED AND SPREAD by the supposedly leakproof canals and pipes of social media. The dams and turbines can’t compete with the infinitely powerful semantic generators of human conversation.

Even morer to the point, censors control CASTE, not CONTENT. Deepstate destroys Incorrect Persons, not Incorrect Language. This was true of the insane kings and popes in the 1500s, and still true of the insane kings and popes** in 2020.

** I wasn’t trying to be literal, just throwing around my sloppy medieval metaphor as usual… but this particular word is literally true. There were two popes in the 1500s, and there are two popes now.

Quasi-correction: Depending on who you ask, until last week there were THREE popes.

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