No teams

Modern podcasters and writers are always unmarried when “on stage”. Males sometimes mention their kids but NEVER mention their wives (or more likely husbands). Females sometimes mention their kids but NEVER talk about their husbands (or more likely wives.)

The earlier form of podcast was nearly always a team effort, a chat between husband and wife. In the ’40s there were dozens of these 15-minute chats, national and local. Some couples were already famous, some became relatively famous by doing the chat. Most of these chats were partly scripted to insure the requisite number of product placements.

Occasionally they mentioned their kids, and even more rarely brought one of the kids into the program. For instance, here’s Mr and Mrs Adolphe Menjou discussing auto racing with their son, and realizing that his tastes were more sophisticated than they thought.

Modern chats, with the implication of sole responsibility, don’t provide a role model for full partnership in marriage.

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