For robber barons it’s a good thing

The videogaming industry is turning against the whole Web3 shit. VR headsets, blockchain “trading”, the NFT fraud. Minecraft, the biggest and oldest company, which is owned by Microsoft, recently banned the whole mess. Most corporations will stick with The Current Thing even when it repels their customers and employees, because most corporations don’t want customers or employees.   Most corporations have either doubled down on NFT shit or “temporarily paused for re-evaluation”.  Minecraft said a firm harsh NO.   We won’t do it and we won’t allow it.

The worst example of abuse is Axie Infinity, which runs a click-farming operation. Click-farming is fraudulent on both ends. (1) It deceives advertisers into thinking that their ads are getting vastly more clicks. Incidentally, the old boxtop premiums automatically prevented this type of fraud. (2) Clickfarming, like all offshoring, is colonial oppression. It takes advantage of a hidden difference in exchange rate to underpay the foreign workers and totally disemploy domestic workers.

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The podcasters at Blockworks Macro are solidly in favor of all Web3 shit. I’ve started the video when the interviewer asks: What’s the advantage of Web3 in gaming? The expert answers in detail, using Axie as a SHINING example of the best advantage.

1. Blockchain “makes a gray market less gray”. In other words, it legitimizes fraud and oppression, which is a GOOD THING in her view.

2. NFT enables more external speculation in the various premiums and rewards of gaming. Speculation is explicitly designed to enrich the rich and kill the poor, which is a GOOD THING in her view.

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