Ask and ye shall…

Previous item about AI and creativity made me wonder what AI would do when instructed to draw an old car. Would it come out hopelessly weird like a ’62 Dodge, or would it be a statistical average of all old cars, like the generic advertising cars?


Ian Fischer has made a movie solely by instructing AI to make a series of frames. He included a screenshot of the commands given to the AI.

The first car is “whimsical blue stationwagon”.

My initial thought is a cross between a Lloyd Kombi and a Mini panel van. The googleable pix of both are often blue and white.

Googling “whimsical blue stationwagon” doesn’t lead directly to these two, BUT: Both of these have been featured recently in Curbside Classic without the word “whimsical”. One of the refs including “whimsical” is this Fiat 500 panel van at Curbside Classic.

= = = = =

The second car is “yellow lamborghini”.

Literal, so no logic or stats needed.

The AI is remarkably smart in some ways. It recognizes that the animals need to be controlling the cars, so the zebra is controlling by chin and the giraffe seems to have his hoof on the wheel. It also does a good job of In and Out. A 3d rendering engine knows how to put A behind B when A is farther from the camera; but the AI has to orient the bodies properly to let the rendering work properly. In the first Lambo pic the giraffe’s head is closer to the camera, so it can be seen in front of the roof.

AI is not so smart in other ways. It clearly doesn’t understand how doors work.

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