Everything is needed and used

I’m halfway tempted to place this under Thiel questions because it seems so obvious and so completely unrecognized. Maybe it’s more recognized than I think, but I sure as hell don’t see it in the usual “science” websites and newsfeeds and forums.

Writing and reading are hard-wired parts of the human brain, just like speaking and listening.

This is well-known inside neurological circles, but it hasn’t escaped into other areas like anthropology or design vs evolution. From the pattern of distribution I ass-u-med that it was a relatively recent finding, perhaps derived from MRI observations. Nope. It was well-known in 1902.

I pulled up Experimental Phonetics by Edward Scripture after seeing that Shepardson cited it.

= = = = = From 1902:

The centers for controlling combinations of vocal movements in speech are in the region (BROCA’S convolution) indicated by ‘Motor words’ in Fig. 57. The centers for memories of word-movements are mainly in the anterior portion of the speech region. The region connected with the hearing of sounds is in the first temporal convolution (‘Hearing,’),
that for the perception of speech sounds in WERNICKE’s convolution (‘Auditory words’).

The region for the perception of visual objects lies in the occipital lobe (‘Vision’).
When printed signs take on the character of intelligible words through association with other speech elements, they probably involve the activity of portions of the brain in the forepart of the visual region (‘Visual words’). The region for arm movements lies in the middle portions of the two central convolutions (‘Arm’), that for the corresponding motor ideas probably near the same place (‘Written words’).

= = = = = END QUOTE.

This long-established fact still hasn’t penetrated common knowledge. Discussions of evolution vs design always assume that writing was INVENTED about 10k years ago. This timeline is physically impossible.


1. Life is purpose. Everything works, everything is needed and useful. All brain capacities are used.

2. We have built-in sections for reading and writing, which are connected to the arm area of the motor strip.

Therefore: We have ALWAYS been writing and reading, most likely with materials that weren’t preserved. The ‘fossils’ started when some cultures decided to write on clay or limestone.

= = = = =

Later: I guess the truly unrecognized part of the syllogism is Everything is used, every part of the organism works for its living. ‘Experts’ still tell us that we only use 10% of our brain, and ‘experts’ still talk about vestigial organs and junk DNA. If we fully grasped the universal work concept, we couldn’t make the specific error about reading and writing.

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