Was Emerson right?

In 1840 Emerson wrote:

Though no checks to a new evil appear [at first], the checks exist and will appear. If the government is cruel, the governor’s life is not safe. If you tax too high, the revenue will yield nothing. If you make the criminal code sanguinary, juries will not convict. Nothing arbitrary, nothing artificial can endure.

In 2020 no checks appeared. The demons were able to imprison and torture the whole world in unison. Right now I’m tempted to think that the checks are starting to appear. Or more precisely the checks are starting to bounce because the account was closed.

2020 was enabled when the central banks opened the dam wide and poured free counterfeit into the mouths of the demons, who eagerly consumed it. Emerson couldn’t imagine this source of revenue, so the part about tax didn’t work in 2020. But the basic Machiavellian part might be relevant. There might be adults in the room who got tired of being used for totally evil purposes.

Now that the central banks have decisively closed the account, the IPOs and bitcoin are disappearing fast. The demons who first moved all business to China then killed the remaining small businesses are realizing that they WILL need customers and taxes.

The change is more obvious in Britain, where Boris was the first to kill his country. Britain’s system allows for unscheduled changes of ruler, which makes it more adaptable in both directions. After Boris was pushed out, British officials and media have started to admit openly that the NAZI TORTURE was wrong and unnecessary. We still haven’t heard any admissions or regrets here because our system is more rigidly frozen up. But the officials are at least cancelling the “emergency” orders and mandates. Actions speak, words lie.

Did Daddy take the T-bird away?

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Credit footnote: Focusing on the money end was influenced by Catherine Fitts. She spent a life in high finance, so she sees the monstrosity from the finance end, probably a bit too exclusively. My view focuses on the distortions of science and the motivations of demons, probably a bit too exclusively. I don’t understand finance or politics, so I try not to analyze in those areas.

This perfectly organized worldwide holocaust had to synchronize many lines of evil talent. Each witness or juror sees the monster through his own experiential lens, and we need to bring those lenses together for a verdict.

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