I’m sure DeSantis will do something dumb sooner or later, but so far it’s all brilliant. So far he’s the ONLY politician in this entire fucked “country” who is following the FDR tradition, figuring out how to



His latest brilliant move is forwarding migrants directly into COOL places like NYC and Chicago and best of all, Martha’s Vineyard. The last move hit the spot. Local officials literally called out the National Guard to reject the shipment.

Here’s the brilliance: DeSantis knows that actual Americans WANT to stop the Giant Sucking Sound at the border. He knows that working class people of all colors, ESPECIALLY HISPANICS, hate immigration. He also knows that the D gerontocracy can’t possibly switch out of SJW/ESG/WOKE mode on its own. The Repooflican gerontocracy is exactly the same, though it doesn’t get credit for its own Wokeness.

How do you get the establishment to reject immigrants?


These dropshipped CC: immigrants are TRUMP immigrants, DESANTIS immigrants, ABBOTT immigrants, FASCIST AUTHORITARIAN ORANGE VIRUS immigrants. They are no longer Helpless Vulnerable Victim Progressive Peace-loving immigrants.

Now we can round them up and send them back, which is what both parties SHOULD have been doing for 40 years.

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