Pointless peeve

I keep hearing rumors and claims that the Repooflicans are learning lessons about the importance of JOBS and SKILLS. So far I haven’t seen any evidence for those rumors and claims.

Here’s a column by AEI that doubles down on the same old shit in the WORST possible way. The column is mainly by Phil Gramm, though his writing is treated as a quote.


I have long thought that government statistics aren’t telling the whole story about poverty and inequality in America. During 20 years of leading social services programs in New York, I saw a tremendous amount of aid flowing from federal, state, and local treasuries to low-income households. And even as I saw many of our programs reducing poverty in real-time by combining work requirements with work rewards, the official poverty rate has hovered around 13%. And as a result, our anti-poverty programs have not gotten the credit they deserve. And many people still believe that poverty in America is far worse than it really is.

Now government statistics have also fostered the popular portrayal of America as a vastly unequal country. Where, in the words of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont: “A handful of billionaires have enormous wealth and power, while working families have been struggling in a way we have not seen since the Great Depression.” Claims like this one rely on the Census Bureau’s official household income measure, which is the standard for federal estimates of Americans’ wealth.

First, Phil Gramm and his CHINESE WIFE Wendy played a MAJOR ROLE in creating the nationwide suicidal depression of the last 40 years. Phil in Congress and Wendy in the administration tore down FDR’s laws and allowed Wall Street and CHINA to take over the country.

Second, the only thing Phil really says in this column is “I do not live in the world.” If he thinks the mild and cautious Census Bureau is overreporting poverty, he has NEVER NEVER NEVER been in America. If he thinks that other observers are using the Census stats to reach their conclusions, he doesn’t even know the difference between theory and reality.   He lives in the Gated VR Metaverse of the supersupersuper rich, never seeing or hearing or smelling even the tiniest microscrap of reality.

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