It’s all QA

The intense pro-college propaganda issued by Deepstate after WW2 always boosted “cultural training”. Supposedly college would turn you into a “well-rounded citizen of the world.”

Thinking back to my time at Phillips (small ‘liberal’ Christian college, now extinct)… Did anyone acquire culture there? No. Everyone I knew was already familiar with classical music and classical art and serious literature. Phillips had selected for cultural literacy.

This wasn’t true at Bowling Green. The people I knew were unfamiliar with Baroque and thought it was dumb. BGSU was not selecting for cultural literacy or much of anything.

= = = = =

Most “training” is really selection. The military has always been open about this fact. Schools know it but falsely claim to be “educating”.

What was 2020 about? We know for sure it wasn’t an epidemic. Maybe there was a virus, maybe not. We’ll never know. 2020 certainly poured infinite amounts of money into the pockets of a few demons, but that doesn’t explain most of the variables. Selection does explain most of the variables.

2020 was a boot camp for demons, finding out which officials and influencers enjoyed coldly torturing and killing the world.

The QA test was one of my early guesses about the purpose of the genocide. At this point it seems to be the best guess.

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