Two solvers

We have exactly two problem-solvers in the world of politics and power. All the rest are demonic problem-generators or passive helpers for the demons.

The first problem-solver is DeSantis in Florida. He is clearly following FDR’s model. Ignore ideology, forget standard sayings and standard tactics. Just fix what’s broken. He’s also explaining his actions clearly and concisely. DeSantis has been changing the political landscape in Dixie, but the rest of the country is unaffected.

The second is Jay Powell at the central bank. His switch from making problems to solving problems was totally unexpected from the outside. Maybe the insiders are aware and participating, but there isn’t any visible sign of other participants. Powell appears to be alone.

Powell’s switch affects EVERYTHING. He’s taking the best practical step to halt demons. Resisting demons is infinitely worse than useless, because resistance excites demons into a killing frenzy. The only practical way to halt them is to remove their resources. Since 2008 the demons have been able to destroy civilization with NO restraints because they had a direct pipeline to infinite “money” that was NOT involved in any feedback loops. No need for profits, no need to pay interest, no need for taxes.

Powell is also following FDR’s rhetorical model. He told the bankers and media exactly what he’s doing and why. The bankers and media repeatedly refused to comprehend, repeatedly MISTRANSLATED his words, so he had to repeat his message, becoming clearer and sharper and more resolute each time.

(Strictly speaking Powell is UNmaking a problem that previous central bankers made. The central bank can’t take the steps required for positively SOLVING these problems, but the UNmake is good enough. Corporations are already starting to take those positive steps now that the free counterfeit is repealed. Reshoring industry, regaining connections with customers and employees.)

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