Are you excited? Zuck knows.

Headline: Legs are coming! Are you excited?

Zuck’s VR world, after 5 years and 10 billion dollars of development, is finally about to add LEGS to the figures. CG graphics, including all videogames, has included legs for 30 years. Only Zuck World forced everyone to suffer from sacral agenesis.

Reading below the headline, apparently the real obstacle was not the graphics as such, but acquiring info from the lower part of the body into the VR system.

That’s even worse.

The “accomplishment” means that Zuck now knows the lower section of your body, which is quite literally where the privates are located.

Since everyone is doing headfakes and trial balloons now, I wonder if the chess cheater with his Vibrating Anal Beads was a preview of Zuck’s new sensor/actuator mechanism?

Old song:

He sees you when you’re pooping.
He knows when you are fucked.
He knows when you are good and bad,
So be good for Paypal’s sake.
Better watch out,
better not cry,
better not pout I’m telling you why,
Zuckerberg is inside your soul.

= = = = =

Two days later, an actual journalist!!! who actually KNOWS what he’s talking about!!! has figured out what really happened.

A key segment of the Connect keynote this week announcing that Meta’s avatars would eventually feature legs was produced with “animations created from motion capture,” the company said.

Motion capture evolved from Muybridge through Disney film cartoon techniques, and achieved digital form around 1995. Real people are equipped with lights or colored dots on each joint. Their movement is filmed from several angles, and the videos are analyzed by computers with some human editing. It’s a complex and expensive process, leading to a data file of movements per joint. I remember writing a Python program to help Poser input those BVH files correctly.

In short, mocap is a studio-level mechanism requiring massive preparation, trained actors, and several cameras. Zuck’s demo tape DID NOT come from internal sensing by a VR headset. As seen from the paranoid camera, this is a relief. As seen from the fraud camera, Zuck’s joints are moving in an easy-to-analyze Fraud Dance.   Perpetual motion promoters used similar fakery.

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