Shannon in schools

Continuing as always on the Sputnik theme. Schools should only train SKILLS. The verbal material we “learned” in school was worse than useless. It was either false or irrelevant.

If schools are going to include verbal material at all, it should be USEFUL material. Shannon information. History should be Machiavelli and Parkinson, preparing the students to deal with demonic rulers. The verbal end of “science” should be about tenure and grants, preparing science-destined students for the real battles of their occupation.

I wasn’t thinking about the verbal end of business courses.  Here’s a beautiful example. EnidBuzz features another picture of the square, from the mid’70s, looking exactly as I remember it. Commenters were discussing the Evans building, which had been occupied by several other major stores.

Here’s what business teachers should be talking about:

Montgomery Wards was first I remember Mr. George telling us in class at Enid Business College we would see that store change hands because Wards had a 99 year lease on it and only had a few years left on it, that was around 1961.

Useful info is REMEMBERED info.

The vast majority of verbal crap in school only lasts long enough to score on the test. This info was remembered for 60 years because it set up a hypothesis in the student’s mind, an experiment waiting to be performed. Will the new owner of the store have a better job for me? Keep watching; maybe I can get in on the ground floor….  As it turned out, Evans is the correct answer to the question.  Evans is still a strong business though no longer downtown.  Wards died 20 years ago.

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