From Galton to Bezos

This piece in Medium is worth reading.

Author Jules Evans traces the history of arrogant psychopathic eugenics from Galton through the fad in the 1920s all the way to Bezos and Elon.

Tim Leary was the main connector between the earlier and later eugenicists.  Leary ruled the high-status hippies, who were NOT thinking loosely and non-linearly. They trained the Low-Status Hippies to Let It All Hang Out so the Learians could Chop It All Off.

Leary firmly believed that the high end of the IQ scale was required and destined to rule over the Losers and Negative Externalities. Evans brings out something I haven’t heard before: Leary also believed that California was the logical endpoint of the high-status high-IQ Ubermenschen. From California the next step was transhuman and transplanet. Join with machines, become immortal, leave the Untermensch behind and settle on Mars.

Sounds mighty familiar.

= = = = =

Two weeks later:  Evans pulled a bait-n-switch.  After describing the eugenicists, and pretending to sympathize with the carried-away response to the 2020 victory of the eugenicists, he essentially says the eugenicists are right.  Negative Externalities must march to the gas chamber with Love and Joy in our defective Untermensch souls.  We should Love Big Brother with our dying breath.

Fuck that.  It’s true that conspiracy-watchers always overcomplicate things, always look for Secret Meetings and blame the wrong people.   The latter is a good sign of Agents Provocateurs who want to stop blaming the right people.

When all the nations of the world start imprisoning and torturing and killing their people on the same day, using the same Phases and Subphases and Verbiage, you can’t call it Groupthink or conformism.  It’s a plan.  We’ll never know the details, and we don’t have a choice about obeying.   But we don’t have to love it.

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