What the world needs now

Is not love, sweet or otherwise.

The real tragedy of the bitcoin/NFT/DAO crap is identical to the real tragedy of the hippie crap.  Both were motivated by youthful idealism, and both ruthlessly exploited the idealism to gain more power and money for demons who were ALREADY wealthy and powerful.

The ideal of the hippies was vague and gauzy. Loving everyone and getting along?  Never happened, can’t happen.  Physically impossible.

The ideal of the bitcoiners is well defined and achievable. How do I know? Because it WAS achieved.

The world desperately needs a truly decentralized and MODULAR economic system. The world had ENOUGH modularity and enough decentrality from 1945 to 1975. Not perfect, but it provided USEFUL WORK AND SERVICE for men and women in the industrialized countries. It provided SUFFICIENT INCOME to support a family and have a bit of fun.

The system worked for two generations. It was broken by a combination of bankers and politicians and academicians.

Could the breaking have been prevented? Hard to say. Unions probably could have halted it, if unions hadn’t become Parkinsoned.

The world also desperately needs an HONEST AND ACHIEVABLE GOAL. Everyone is Parkinsoning madly toward criminal or nonsensical or physically impossible goals. A major purpose that is KNOWN TO WORK BECAUSE IT FORMERLY WORKED could galvanize some of the futile energy.

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