Do these entities have robot servants?

Elon certainly knows how to play the Delphic Black Box routine. Create a stir, make it ambiguous, watch the response. He walked into Twitter HQ carrying a bathroom sink. 99% of the media described it as a kitchen sink, following the standard cliche.

Admittedly the usual two-bowl kitchen sink is harder to carry (but not necessarily heavier) than the bathroom sink he carried. But there are small and light one-bowl bar sinks that clearly belong in a kitchen.

Using a bathroom sink implies that he intends to open Twitter for more bathroomy uses, which are already the only growing category.

Or maybe he intends to open Twitter to “everything but the bathroom sink”, thus excluding the fast-growing category.

Do the media things even know what a sink is? Do they use a sink personally, or do they have unpaid Filipino servants wash them in bed?

= = = = =

Contrary: The actual robots are smarter than the “journalists”. Google’s ad server AI ignored the text, identified the picture as a bathroom sink, and sent me an ad for a local bathroom supply store:

Later thought: Despite everything I know about his Deepstate connections and general assholery, it’s hard to avoid LIKING Elon.

Unlike all other CEOs, he protected his employees from muzzle and vax mandates.

The picture shows an actual man carrying a real object with his real arms, walking on real legs, and spontaneously smiling. Unlike Zuck’s legless 2d weirdness, there’s nothing virtual, nothing fake. Elon is enjoying life in the same way a dog enjoys pooping on a fastidious lawn while Karen watches in horror.

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