Whole lot of Paid Pipers

Pied, paid, all the same.

Now that Elon has bought Twitter, both “sides” are bringing in the people that Deepstate wants to monitor and cultivate. The “right” is directly inviting them, and the “left” is inviting them by mocking them.**

Both sides are conveniently skipping over Elon’s LONG connection with Deepstate. His SpaceX and Starlink are contractors for NSA. His financial partners in this deal include several honestly censorious tech tyrants like Ellison, and lots of Chinese connections.

If NSA didn’t want Elon to make this move, it would have threatened his currently profitable contracts. Therefore NSA enjoys this move.

Be careful what you wish for. NSA knows your wishes. That was the entire purpose of the entire Web.

= = = = =

**Inviting by mocking is the social version of a Wimshurst Machine!

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