Not enough Parkinson

The data-gatherers are still somewhat innocent of the way the world works. In response to demon Emily Oster’s announcement that there will be an amnesty, the data-gatherers are invoking “rights” and “laws” and “morality”. None of those myths can possibly affect the behavior of demons.

We’ll never have a Nuremberg. The original Nuremberg was enforced by the majority of the world’s nations who had organized to fight two demonic nations. The two demonic nations were thoroughly defeated and burned down first. Nuremberg was an extra punishment inflicted on ONE of the demon nations. We did nothing extra to the Japs, who had been genociding Asia for 50 years before the Krauts started. Apparently we felt the Krauts should have known better, while the Japs were mere stupid Orientals who can’t be expected to behave morally.

2020 was universal. All the nations of the world EXCEPT TANZANIA were on the demon side. Only Tanzania could theoretically impose a Nuremberg on the other 190 nations, which would have been physically impossible in the first place. We made sure it wouldn’t happen by killing Magufuli, the world’s only honest politician and the world’s only honest scientist.

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Parkinson tells us that bureaucracies and corporations don’t consume or use “laws” or “constitutions” or “morals”. They consume power and money. As peasants we can’t do anything about power and money, but we can APPRECIATE and PRAY FOR the rare aristocrat who turns traitor to his class, like FDR.

Instead of arguing about “justice” and “transparency”, we should stand back and applaud Jerome Powell and his followers in other central banks. Powell has turned off the RESOURCES that made 2020 possible.

The fake “emergency” of 2008 “justified” creating the fountain of infinite debt-free money for the demons of all sorts, in the tech world and government and academia. The fake “emergency” of 2020 “justified” an infinite opening of the same fountain, enabling governments to slaughter their entire populations and enabling the techies to impose all sorts of lunacy on their products, who had ALSO become accustomed to getting shit without paying for it.

We SHOULDN’T fall under the spell of fake “independents” who have joined the techies and government demons in pushing Powell back toward “normal” demon-enabling counterfeit.

= = = = =

Later trying a more military metaphor… A war ends when the attacking army loses the appetite for fighting, or when the attacking army runs out of food and gasoline and willing cannon fodder. It appears that the attackers have run out of monetary gasoline and recruits. The best we can do is recognize that the attack is done. Their plea for amnesty is a kind of weak peace treaty, which is more than the Krauts and Japs offered. Pushing for unconditional surrender at this point will STRENGTHEN THEIR RESOLVE.

Remember above all that resistance excites demons into a killing frenzy.

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