Just adding one empty item to get past a superstitious number in the count of published items.

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Later adding a random thought so it’s not quite


When I got word that the courseware was due for a new edition, my first step was to remove some junk code that the previous NYC publisher had required. This HUGE pile of junk CSS and JS was part of the ‘Twitter Bootstrap’ package. It was supposedly needed to create the right kind of rounded buttons. I hated it because it forced an external dependence on digital “rights” and “open source” nonsense.

Back in 1962 Grandpa warned me to avoid automatic stuff and externally controlled stuff as much as possible, and I’ve been trying to obey his dying wish.

After removing this pile of crap I found that the buttons were still rounded. So the alleged “justification” was false. Why did NYC want it? Who knows. I don’t try to parse NYC “minds”.

Now that Twitter appears to be dissolving, my cleanup will be “justified” even by conventional standards. I can’t claim to be prophetic, just Ockhamist. Simple always wins.  THANKS, GRANDPA!

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