Somebody finally gets it!

Finally some belated SENSE from the establishment stock-scammers at Financial Times.

Actively intervening would convey undeserved legitimacy upon a system that does little to support real economic activity. It also would provide an official seal of approval to a system that currently poses no threat to financial stability and would lead to calls for public bailouts when crypto inevitably erupts again.

I’ve been trying to make this point for several months, after I noticed that the Big Anticoiners were writing in official magazines and speaking in official hearings, aiming to regulate the bitcoin world. At the same time, the entire enterprise is collapsing ON ITS OWN because the free counterfeit fountain of QE has been turned off. When you regulate a subject you LEGITIMIZE it and you give government a reason to KEEP IT RUNNING. Gerard and Castor are effectively working FOR bitcoin, or FOR some specific player in the industry. They wouldn’t gain such access to high places if they weren’t.

I hadn’t thought of bailouts! Making bitcoin part of the official system would make it “systemically necessary”, so failures by Correct Companies would be instantly rewarded with trillions in real money, while failures by Incorrect Companies would be prosecuted.

= = = = =

The same principle applies to the “virus” genocide. It would be SO DAMN SATISFYING to have a Nuremberg 2 that convicted and executed all the governments of the world except Tanzania. But in reality every “investigation” would be conducted by the very same NAZIS who imprisoned and strangled and obliterated the world for 2 years, and the “investigation” would build a permanent exponentially more powerful NAZI government. Letting psychopaths get bored is hugely UNsatisfying but it’s the least horrible choice. All government “investigations” are coverups, framing and blaming the innocent for the crimes of the government. NO exceptions.

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