Penthouse > basement

Via Reuters: Bankman-Fried’s luxury party pad / office / crackhouse was bought by his parents two years ago.

The best way to get rich is to choose rich parents.

Overall I’m tired of the mommy’s basement shit.  It’s used as an insult against poor people but never hurled against rich fuckheads.  Through most of history, families lived together. In many parts of the world families still live together. American houses built before 1946 made provisions for internal subgroups with occupied basements, occupied attics, and occupied porches.

The ‘nuclear family’ crammed into a tight one-story house was part of Deepstate’s 1946 master plan for universal atomistic division at all levels by all possible classifications.  Fission creates a bomb.

Later after hearing the hundredth bad comparison with Theranos and Enron. NO. Theranos and Enron were REAL COMPANIES that did REAL THINGS. They operated in a fraudulent way, but without the fraud they still would have been SUCCESSFUL REAL COMPANIES. Sam’s thingamajig is NOT A REAL COMPANY. It doesn’t make medical devices, doesn’t maintain electric grids, doesn’t sell anything. What is it? FTX is a Democrat fund-raising NGO, following in MOMMY’S FOOTSTEPS. This organization only served ONE function. It bribed brand-D legislators and regulators. That’s all.

These NGOs have a long history. I was close to one, not quite inside, back in the ’70s. The VISIBLE purpose is gathering contributions and funneling to D candidates under the guise of ‘social justice’. The REAL purpose is enriching the CEO, who obviously needs and deserves a huge salary to supervise the ‘socially important work’.

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