One year in WordPress

Just noticed that 11/27/21 was when I switched from my old Blogspot location to WordPress.

I didn’t write much in the first month. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue writing at all. Cancelers were starting to take down important stuff from Blogspot, and I wasn’t convinced that WP would do any better. After a year, I’m convinced.

WordPress is much harder to use.  The UI/UX for writing and editing is tricky and inconsistent. The HTML editor uses crude AI to “fix” errors, often resulting in dozens of redundant tags enclosing every word. WP also “fixes” GIFs in weird ways.

BUT: My reason for switching was protection, not UI/UX. I wanted to be a paying customer, not a quality-controlled product. WP has done a perfect job in that department. No takedowns, no mentions or warnings about takedowns. No interference at all.

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