Brilliant observation

A brilliant observation by Celia Farber.

Something I often think of: Always the arse-end of their PSY OPs fall off, clumsily, after a few years. This is where you can see the whole anaconda of the PSY OP in perfect hindsight clarity, reviewed backwards. Try it with 9/11, or AIDS, or JFK or anything. The things we children were told in those crucial first days and weeks were to keep us as emotional and psychic hostages to the PSY OP/ dark fairy tale. Within 2-3 years, it’s such a paper tiger you can use it for fire kindling.

Farber is expressing in a more systematic way what I’ve been observing in a personal way. Psychopaths get bored easily. Their sexual pleasure requires constant change, constantly new forms of harm and obliteration.

Above all, psychopaths ALWAYS break up patterns and sequences.   Natural events have a natural shape, which demons must always violate.

A similar failure can be seen in post-1946 music and fiction and wars. Songs no longer have an end. They just fade out on a repeated phrase. Novels chop off abruptly without a denouement. Wars fade off into perpetual occupation with no armistice or peace treaty. We never get an All Clear signal or a The End frame.   We just have to be content with the temporary lack of bombing raids.

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