Two Matts

Nice clean comparison between two major Substack writers doing similar exposures.

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Matt Taibbi has pulled together some internal emails from Twitter ex-employees, showing how Twitter favored D over R. This is not SHANNON INFORMATION because anyone can see that Twitter is pure D. This is also meaningless information because it’s about a piece of political noise (Hunter laptop), not about an actual regulation that affects real people and real money. Taibbi’s article in Substack has 1826 likes and 935 comments, all cheering him on.

Matt Stoller has pulled together some emails and connections showing what Bankman-Fried was REALLY doing. Sam was carefully calculating and manipulating the members of the CFTC to get a set of regulations that would turn his crime syndicate into a valuable part of the “legitimate” financial system. The other bitcoin influencers had already gathered in ALL Repooflicans (as I’ve been noticing for a long time), but two Dems in the agency were unimpressed by the usual influencers. This is SHANNON INFORMATION, not written anywhere else, not guessable by inference, and affecting real money. A genuine scoop. Stoller’s article has 13 likes and 1 comment.

Facts have no value. Noise has infinite value.

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